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The decision to undergo body contouring surgery can be life-changing. The Dallas plastic surgery patients of Dr. Steve Byrd often say that tummy tuck and liposuction procedures don’t just help them look better — they enable them to fully engage in their lives again, jumping back into activities they thought they’d given up forever. Whether it’s renewed mobility through the removal of excess skin or enhanced enjoyment of light summertime fashions, body contouring surgery can bring about transformative changes in your future happiness and well-being.

Dr. Byrd is looking forward to helping you reveal the best version of yourself. Call his office at (214) 821-9662 today, or save $100 on your consultation.

Dr. Byrd’s Approach

His exceptional training and years of experience have taught Dr. Byrd how to understand his patients’ goals and tailor each procedure to each unique set of needs. Learn more about your options for body contouring:

Liposuction: One of the most popular options for cosmetic plastic surgery in Dallas and nationwide, liposuction removes excess fat through several small, discreet incisions. Liposuction is well-suited to areas such as the abdomen, thighs, flanks, chin, and more; it’s a versatile procedure that can be performed on nearly any area of unwanted fat.

Tummy tuck: Dallas Metroplex patients who wish to tighten and tone their abdomens often turn to Dr. Byrd for tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty. The procedure is especially popular with women who have been pregnant or people who have undergone significant weight loss. Dr. Byrd offers several different variations on the traditional tummy tuck method to meet the varied needs of his patients.

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