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Dr. Steve Byrd offers breast lift in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area as a way for women to improve the position and shape of their breasts. Breast lift surgery, known clinically as mastopexy, corrects sagging breasts when there is minimal or no loss in breast volume. In cases where both sagging and volume loss are present, the breast lift surgery is combined with breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mastopexy.

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Why Choose Dr Byrd

  • He has performed approximately 4,000 breast and body procedures.
  • He can combine breast lift with breast augmentation (implants) when needed.
  • He will preoperatively define the degree of lift needed, type of incisions required, and shape that will be produced.
  • He often combines breast lift with other procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, and thigh lift for a comprehensive “mommy makeover.”
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Answers to Common Questions

I need a breast lift, but I think I need to increase volume as well. Can this be done at the same time?

In the majority of patients this can be done at the same time. Measurements are done in the office at the time of consult to ascertain the need for this. If the measurements of the nipple/areola complex need to be moved a very long distance, then Dr. Byrd would perform the lift first and allow the breasts to heal for a few months. Then he would perform the breast augmentation with implants.

If I have a breast lift, will I lose nipple sensation?

Loss of nipple sensation does not always occur. If a patient does lose nipple sensation it is usually a 10% to 15% loss. Using large breast implants at the time of the lift increases the chance of losing nipple sensation. The larger the implant used, the greater the chance of losing additional nipple sensation.

I have a small child. How soon will I be able to lift him or her following my breast lift?

You should not lift more than about 5 pounds until 3 weeks post-surgery.

Dr. Byrd’s Approach

There are several important decisions to be made with any breast enhancement surgery. For Dallas breast lift patients, Dr. Byrd works closely with them, discussing options and determining what would work best for them. Careful clinical measurements of the chest and breast are an essential part of the evaluation. Women must consider a combination of incision and implant types:


  • Periareolar: Around the outside of the areola
  • Periareolar with vertical limb: Around the outside of the areola and a straight down incision (often called a “popsicle” incision)
  • Inverted T: Inframammary incision with a vertical incision from the middle of the inframammary fold to the aerola. This procedure is used when sagging is extreme.


Dr. Byrd’s patients choose either saline or silicone breast implants for their augmentation mastopexy surgery. He leaves this choice to the patient. It is his opinion that silicone implants offer a superior result when combined with mastopexy. There is less recurrence of glandular and implant sag and better maintenance of the upper fullness of the breast.

Are You a Candidate?

There are many factors, such as pregnancy, nursing, gravity, weight loss, and even the aging process, that may contribute to a significant loss in breast volume and skin firmness. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts lose their firmness and shape. If that describes you, and you’re healthy and have reasonable expectations for surgery, then you’re a good candidate for a breast lift. Women who choose breast lift surgery often request a tummy tuck for additional body-shaping benefits.

There are basically two types of candidates:

  • Breast lift using implants: Look in a mirror. Imagine that you can see through the breast tissue to the chest and ribs. If the nipple is at or above the fold where the breast and chest meet, called the inframammary fold or IMF, an implant may be used to fill out the top part of the breast and “lift” the breast to its original level.
  • Breast lift by “mastopexy”: If while looking in the mirror you see that the nipple is below the IMF, breast implants will not work unless a simultaneous mastopexy is performed. In cases such as this, the breasts are lifted surgically using suspension sutures in the deep structures of the breast and chest. Mastopexy repositions the nipple/areola complex, and for this reason, periareolar scars are always required.

How the Procedure Is Performed

Recovery: What to Expect

Days 1–5
  • Patients are placed in a supportive bra immediately following surgery.
  • Limit activity that creates strain or pull on the pectoral muscles.
  • Showers can begin after the first 48 hours.
  • Take pain medications as directed.
  • Take antibiotics as directed for the first 5 days.
Days 5–7
  • Sutures removed.
  • Scar management instructions confirmed.
  • Bra use and exercises reviewed.
Week 3
  • Routine checkup.
  • Ultrasound if any firmness exists.
  • Resume low impact exercise.
Week 6
  • Resume higher impact exercise (jogging, horseback riding).
Month 3
  • Routine checkup.
  • Routine checkup.

If you’d like to reverse the effects of time and gravity, make an appointment for a consultation in our downtown Dallas office. Find out how mastopexy can give your breasts and your spirit a lift. Request [cert] $100 off your consultation and come in to talk with Dr. Steve Byrd, or give him a call at (214) 821-9662 to set up an appointment.

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