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Using a chin implant for augmentation enables Dallas/Fort Worth women and men to improve their profile and the overall aesthetic value of their face. The use of facial implants strengthens the face, enhances your appearance, and bolsters self-esteem. Chin implants are pre-formed synthetic materials that come in various sizes and shapes. Their design creates a strong, natural-looking jawline. Chin implants can also improve the overall effect of a face lift by enhancing the jaw and neck contour.

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Why Choose Dr Byrd

  • He has full knowledge of the facial skeleton as a result of his craniofacial background.
  • He has published aesthetic studies that describe the ideal facial proportions.
  • He will provide a personal, three-dimensional analysis of your nose, chin, and neck to define your perfect aesthetic balance.
  • He has performed approximately 6,500 face and nose procedures.
Before & After Photos

See real results of actual patients treated by Dr. Byrd.

Answers to Common Questions

I think I want a larger, more projecting chin. Are you able to to show me how I would look with the change?

During your consult with me you will share with me what you would like changed in regard to your chin. I will take measurements of your face, including chin and nose during this consult to compare them with aesthetic ratios for beauty. The photographer will also take “life size” photos of you that I will use (along with the measurements) to do a mock surgery on you. The pre photos and the photos with the mock surgery performed (front and side views) will be emailed to you a few days after your consult, usually.

Where is the incision for chin augmentation?

There are two potential incision sites: intraoral or submental. The submental site is generally selected and it is underneath the chin and just posterior (behind) a small crease that is usually present there. The submental incision is also an access incision to remove fat in the neck, if necessary, or to tighten neck muscles if they are divided…both of which can accentuate the jawline, showing off the new chin proportion even more aesthetically in some people.

How long before I could go back to work and work out?

For example, the procedure can be done on a Thursday and you can return to work the following Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday following suture removal (for those who have the submental incision). Some compression is often used in the form of a facial strap to minimize the swelling in the area below the chin and ice for comfort for 2-3 days. Pain pills can be used for about that same amount of time for most patients…mainly there is a feeling of soreness or a bruise—not severe pain. If the perioral incision (placed near the base of bottom teeth in front part of the mouth) is selected/used, then patients will notice a stiffness in the motion of the lower lip for up to several weeks. No sutures need to be removed and the first follow up appointment may be closer to 10 days post surgery. Patients can begin to work back into their exercise regimen between 2 and 3 weeks.

Occasionally, there is a significant amount of augmentation needed in both the forward (horizontal) and vertical directions that it may be recommended that a chin implant may not achieve the aesthetic goal. In these cases a small cut can be made in the lower portion (chin extension) of the lower jaw and this can be moved forward and up/down and plated in place…acting like an implant. If this procedure, osteotomy, is planned the oral incision is always used.

Dr. Byrd’s Approach

Sometimes treatment simply involves an anatomically fitted implant while other treatments require osteotomy (surgically altering the chin bone). An incision beneath the chin or in the mouth on the inner surface of the lower lip may be used. When face and neck procedures are done in conjunction with a chin implant, the submental (neck) incision is generally preferred, but the final decision is left up to the patient. Chin advancement (genioplasty) is accomplished by a cut through the chin bone below the tooth roots. This allows the lower portion of the chin bone to be advanced forward and down, where it is held in place with a micro-titanium plate. Chin advancement offers more overall control of facial proportion. Dr. Byrd has the skillset to expertly perform each of these technique options to suit your needs.

Are You A Candidate?

The best candidates for chin augmentation in Dallas/Fort Worth are patients with weak or receding chins, but who have a normal dental bite. Candidates must be realistic. Facial implants can improve and enhance facial contours, but they won’t make you look “perfect.” A strong angular facial framework does create a more favorable appearance as you age, but I do not promote using facial implants to “lift” the face. The primary reason for using facial implants is a weak or deficient facial skeleton.

How the Procedure Is Performed

Recovery: What to Expect

Day 1–5
  • Limit activity that would increase the heart rate.
  • Follow any diet adjustments recommended.
  • Use cold compresses as needed to reduce swelling.
  • Take pain medications as directed.
  • Take antibiotics as directed for the first 5 days.
Day 5–7
  • Sutures removed.
Week 3
  • Routine checkup.
Month 3
  • Routine checkup.
  • Routine checkup.

If you’re tired of having what people refer to as a “weak” chin, you’ll be pleased to know how easy it can be to reshape that key area of your face. Request $100 off your consultation and call us at (214) 821-9662 for an appointment at our downtown Dallas cosmetic surgery office on North Central Expressway.

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