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Dallas/Fort Worth patients can choose rhinoplasty to address both cosmetic and functional concerns. Men and women can choose either primary or secondary rhinoplasty when they want to look better or breathe better. Properly done, rhinoplasty should accomplish the patient’s aesthetic goals without compromising the airway.

Although it’s no small task for a plastic surgeon to create an aesthetically pleasing nose to match each individual face, rhinoplasty does involve a fairly easy recovery for the patient. Learn more by printing your coupon for $100 off your consultation and scheduling an appointment to talk with Dr. Byrd, who is among the top plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty (also called a nose job) in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.

Why Choose Dr Byrd

  • He is known for his rhinoplasty techniques around the world.
  • He is a past president and founding member of the Rhinoplasty Society.
  • He has performed nearly 4,000 nose procedures.
  • He has written numerous papers and book chapters on rhinoplasty and performed live surgical training demonstrations of his techniques, skill, and results.
  • He always performs a thorough evaluation and creates a complete operative plan before surgery.

Answers to Common Questions

I would like to change the look of my nose. How do I know that my outcome will be what I want?

During your consultation with Dr. Byrd, you will share what you want to change about your nose (i.e., what you do not like). He will take measurements of your face and nose to compare them with aesthetic ratios for beauty. The photographer will also take life-size photos of you (front and side views). Dr. Byrd will use the photos and measurements to perform a simulated surgery. This allows him to mentally perform the surgery. They will email both the original and simulated after photos to you a few days after your consultation.

How long after rhinoplasty surgery will I see my final results?

Some changes, such as removal of dorsal hump or repair of septal deviation, will be almost immediately visible following splint removal. However, changes made below the bony portion of the nose and tip take approximately 18 months for final results to become apparent. The thicker the skin the longer the final outcome takes to appear.

Is a nose job painful?

There is some discomfort in that there is a stuffiness caused either by internal swelling or the presence of internal dressings when required. This discomfort usually lasts for the first 2 to 7 days. Patients find some relief by using ice packs, sleeping with their head elevated, and using a humidifier.

Will I have stitches?

If you have an open rhinoplasty, the more common approach for cosmetic changes, you will have a few stitches that have to be removed. This is done 5 to 7 days post-op. All rhinoplasty procedures require a few dissolving sutures inside the nostrils. These dissolve 10 to 14 days post-op.

The appearance of my nose is not that displeasing, but since I was hit in the nose, I have had trouble breathing and my nose looks crooked from some angles. This has slowly gotten worse. Will insurance cover a rhinoplasty in this instance?

Insurance often covers nose injuries. A consultation appointment will allow Dr. Byrd to document existing deformities and share opinions with your insurance company. The insurance company will then advise Dr. Byrd of the coverage benefit that you have. If you have evidence of the injury (X-rays, evidence of doctor or hospital visit, etc.), please provide those as well.

Dr. Byrd’s Approach

As any plastic surgeon can tell you, rhinoplasty is not easy to perform. Although there is very little pain associated with the surgery, you cannot pull a picture out of a magazine, take it to the plastic surgeon, say, “I want my nose to look like this,” and end up with the exact results you desired. This isn’t just a haircut, after all. A properly done rhinoplasty must begin with a clinical analysis evaluating the proportion of both the nose and the full face. To learn more about beauty and facial harmony, I use a detailed study we performed on models selected for their beautiful faces. The study’s results indicated that a beautiful nose had no set dimensions but rather a stable relationship with other key structures of the face. Controlling those dimensions with non-destructive techniques led to the current state of the art in rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty Video Library

Before & After Photos

See real results of actual patients treated by Dr. Byrd.

Are You a Candidate

Reasons for seeking a rhinoplasty are usually based upon a desire to improve the shape of the nose or improve breathing, or a combination of the two. Some people are born with noses they just don’t like, and others have had theirs injured or broken, changing the shape of the nose and the entire look of the face. Whatever the cause, generally healthy people who desire a better cosmetic or structural appearance for their nose are good candidates.

A large portion of my practice deals with secondary or “re-do” rhinoplasty. The need for secondary rhinoplasty may follow trauma, cocaine use with loss of cartilage, or previous rhinoplasty with an undesirable outcome. Often these cases require the replacement of the nasal structure to restore support and definition to the nose. Restoring missing structure can not only improve the overall look of the face, but also improve breathing by opening up the airway that may have partially collapsed. (Learn more about secondary rhinoplasty.)

How the Procedure Is Performed

Many people spend years and years hating their nose, only to find out that rhinoplasty is much more straightforward than they imagined. Don’t wait any longer. Print your coupon to save $100 off your consultation, and call (214) 821-9662 to arrange an appointment today. Our plastic surgery offices are on North Central Expressway near North Park Mall in the heart of Dallas.

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