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Facial plastic surgery patients can over-simplify a complex and varied group of procedures performed for a host of different, sometimes very personal reasons. Patients considering rhinoplasty in Dallas and Fort Worth are fortunate to have access to some of the best nose surgeons in the world. Dr. Steve Byrd has over 25 years of experience as a board certified plastic surgeon and has taught other surgeons in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and South America in addition to performing hundreds of surgeries on his own.

Before selecting a surgeon, the initial step is determining if rhinoplasty is right for you. There are two basic categories of potential patients considering a nose job in Dallas. The most common are patients wanting rhinoplasty procedures so they will look better. Perhaps they believe their nose is too big, or maybe it’s too little. There are crooked noses, and noses with bumps in them. There is no shortage of patients who are concerned about the shape of their noses. The decision to be made first is if surgery is the answer. In many cases it is.

Other Nose Surgery

Patients who have difficulty breathing make up a second group of people considering nose surgery. There are numerous causes for breathing issues, which can range from residual damage due to cleft nose and cleft palate birth deformities, to recent sports injuries which often require an immediate fix. These patients often have external/cosmetic issues as well, which require a multi-level treatment approach, which not only corrects any breathing problems but leaves the patient with a pleasing aesthetic result as well.

Arriving at a finished result that looks natural and fits the individual’s face, Dr. Steve Byrd relies not only on his vast experience, but also on a combination of science and art. A properly performed rhinoplasty must begin with a clinical analysis evaluating the proportion of both the face and nose. When judging “beauty,” a detailed study was performed on models selected for their facial beauty. The study’s results indicated that a beautiful nose had no set dimensions but rather a stable relationship with other key structures of the face. Controlling those dimensions with non-destructive techniques led to the current state of the art in Dallas nose surgery. It is not a simple process and in inexperienced hands can be a bumpy path to unsatisfactory results.

Are You A Candidate?

The question of whether surgery is right for you is complicated because there are so many valid and diverse reasons to consider nose surgery including all the reasons above. The answer is simple because the determination can be as easy as discovering what is right for you.

In a group of 10 Dallas / Fort Worth residents, you may get 10 totally different reasons for considering rhinoplasty. But deciding to undergo rhinoplasty surgery is rarely a “snap decision.” It’s one procedure that when a patient decides to do it, it’s usually after a lifetime of being unhappy or dissatisfied with the way their nose makes them look and/or feel. It’s also, happily, a procedure that has a huge satisfaction rate. A small change in the shape, curve or dimension of the nose can impact the way the world sees the person behind the nose. I think we’d all agree that’s not a good way to judge people, and Dr. Byrd certainly couldn’t agree with that more! Of crucial importance to each individual patient is how they feel about themselves. If looking in the mirror means cringing every time you see your nose, that IS a valid consideration.

The second general grouping of nose surgery patients are those who have physical issues which negatively impact breathing. These could be genetic conditions present since birth, which restrict breathing in some way, or breathing can be restricted due to an injury. Whatever underlying causes are present, it’s important to find a solution that not only makes breathing easier for the patient, but also leaves them with a look that shows very little if any indication that there ever was an internal issue.

These general categories don’t do justice to the numerous presentations seen during the many consultations Dr. Byrd has done over the years. Each of the sub-groupings found further into this site represents a number of patients sharing a common defect, but every patient’s story is unique. The bottom line for every one of our patients is that they want the issue fixed. Feeling better, looking better, and breathing better are on nearly every patient’s wish list. Being able to be a part of that solution, well that is as good as it gets!

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