Breast Lift Photos - Case #3060

Patient Case #3060

This 38-year-old mother of two small children has dealt with dramatic change much of her life. In her Junior year in High School, she went from an average size B-cup to a full D-cup almost overnight. When she came in for her consultation she was wearing a DD-E cup size bra. While on some women that size would be completely out of proportion for their bodies, this patient’s stature and frame were large enough to comfortably carry the size and weight of breasts this large. The real issue for this patient was that she wanted her breasts to be “perkier”. A large weight gain with each pregnancy as well as breast feeding had left her breasts large, but droopy and deflated looking. By the time she and her husband made the decision that their family was complete, she was a classic example of a woman ready for a “Mommy Makeover”. In some cases like this when a woman is comfortable with the size of her breasts, but the upper fullness is gone, the decision is made to use an implant to replace the depleted breast tissue and move the nipple to a more natural looking position on the breast tissue. In this case the loss of breast mass was so significant and the nipple would have to be moved so far away from it’s original placement on the breast, the risk of nipple death was too high to risk. A “tissue sparing” technique was carried out and the Mastopexy lifted the breasts to a comfortable level for the patient and left her with full, large breasts that she’s very happy with the outcome.

Surgeon: Dr. Steve Byrd
Patient Age: 38
Patient Gender: Female
Race: White

Breast Lift
Breast Lift

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