Lip Augmentation Photos - Case #3324

Patient Case #3324

Time. Gravity. Aging cells. Erosion. None of these are friends to our bodies, and they all demonstrate their work dramatically on our faces. This 53-year-old patient has taken care of her body and her skin throughout her life with appropriate skin care and occasional surgical procedures, as she deemed necessary. What bothered her the most at this time was that people thought she looked angry or upset simply because her lips looked drawn and tense. She wasn’t angry, but her lips had lost some of their youthful fullness due to our “friends”; time, gravity, etc., etc. Using fat to fill in depressions in the face is one of the safest, most effective methods currently available. Fat is harvested from the patient’s own body, cleaned and processed and then injected where needed. In this case, the patient needed some microfat injections in her lips. The fat was harvested from her midsection and a total of 5ccs of the processed fat was injected into her lips. With microfat injections, it’s sometimes necessary to add a bit more fat filler after the initial procedure. A percentage of the injected fat resorbs and may need to be replaced to achieve the desired look. This patient was very pleased with her post-op look and no additional procedure was needed. Immediately after surgery, due to the swelling associated with surgery itself and a small amount of “over-filling” to compensate for resorption, the lips did appear a bit larger than the final look the patient wanted. Within a few days, the lips were much closer to their final appearance which was slightly fuller than prior to surgery, but it was enough that her friends were no longer concerned that she looked angry much of the time.

Surgeon: Dr. Steve Byrd
Patient Age: 53
Patient Gender: Female
Race: White

Lip Augmentation
Lip Augmentation

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