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One of the hardest things for patients to do is to find the several weeks it takes to have and then recover from surgery. Parents have a difficult time finding someone to help with their children post-operatively when they should be resting. Patients who are dedicated to fitness don’t like the idea of giving up their exercise routine for several weeks post-operatively. For these patients especially, Zeltiq is an option that may give them the results they want with no needles, no pain, no anesthesia, and no downtime. None!

Zeltiq is a new non-surgical, non-invasive technology employing cryolipolysis to reduce unwanted fat pockets in the abdomen, flanks (love handles), and back (bra fat) in selected patients.

Who Can Benefit From Zeltiq?

Like liposuction, Zeltiq is meant to address isolated pockets of fat that do not respond to diet or exercise. Currently it’s used on the following sites:

Flank (love handles)
Back (bra fat)

Physician evaluation of candidates is key to selecting patients with the localized fat bulges that respond to the Zeltiq treatment. Physician guidance is also critical in insuring proper device application and orientation to achieve optimum results.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Harvard University based research has shown that fat cells have a natural biologic vulnerability to controlled cold exposure. Cryolipolysis is the use of controlled cooling to target and reduce fat cells. Reductions of up to 1cm can be produced with a single exposure without damaging any other tissues. Fat loss occurs slowly over a three to four month period.

What Are The Advantages of Zeltiq?

Non-invasive. No needles. No anesthesia. No pain. No downtime.

A vacuum attaches the cooling device to the treatment areas. The most discomfort patients report is a squeeze during the initial application as the fat and skin are pulled against the cooling head. The cooling is felt, but is not painful. The area becomes numb in 5 – 10 minutes and each site is treated for an hour. Patients can read, work on their computer, listen to music, watch TV, or take a nap during their treatment. No post treatment paid medication is required.

Each site is treated for one hour:

Abdomen: 2 – 3 sites
Flank: 2 sites
Back: 2 sites

What Zeltiq is NOT!

Zeltiq is not a treatment for weight loss or generalized obesity. It is for localized fat “pockets” and is not a substitute for weight loss.

Zeltiq can be used to treat residual bulges sometimes present after liposuction, but it is not a substitute for liposuction. While Liposuction is also not a weight loss treatment, it can remove more fat over larger areas than Zeltiq.

Consider Zeltiq as a way to fine tune your body shape. If your diet and exercise plan isn’t able to get rid of a pocket of fat, Zeltiq allows you to lose the fat without having to go under anesthesia for surgery. There is absolutely no downtime! You can go from your Zeltiq treatment to the gym to work out. Zeltiq allows you to shape your back by reducing those bra fat bulges that won’t go away. You can sculpt your waist by minimizing the flank area providing a definite hourglass figure.

EpiCentre Park Lane, our world-class skin care facility, is one of only five facilities in the United States to have the Zeltiq option. Call my office, (214) 821-9662, to set up a consultation to determine if Zeltiq is the solution, or a part of the solution for you.

If Zeltiq is appropriate for you, EpiCentre will schedule a treatment time to fit into your schedule. Then plan on having an hour or two to rest while the Zeltiq shaping comfortably starts. Then you’re able to leave and go back to whatever you have planned that day. That’s a remarkable improvement over the existing surgical recovery process.

Call or e-mail my team for more information, now, and ask about a FREE consultation!

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