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Dr. Steve Byrd, a breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, specialist in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas realizes that this procedure involves more than simply inserting an implant. Some plastic surgeons have oversimplified the procedure by limiting the options of implants and techniques they use, believing 1 or 2 options can satisfy the needs of the majority of patients. The truth is, however, that creating beautiful results requires a thorough, customized plan created after careful evaluation of many options.

Whether you feel unsatisfied with your breasts because of genetics, pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss, allow Dr. Byrd to give you the shape and size you desire. Come in and meet with him in our office on North Central Expressway near North Park Mall. Request $100 off your consultation, or give us a call at (214) 821-9662 to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Dr Byrd

  • He has performed approximately 4,000 breast and body procedures.
  • He possesses a thorough knowledge of all varieties of breast implants.
  • He carefully measures the chest and breasts to determine the best style and size of implant for your desired look.
  • He confirms sizing during surgery to ensure proper implant selection.
Before & After Photos

See real results of actual patients treated by Dr. Byrd.

Answers to Common Questions

Visit our Breast Augmentation FAQs page for detailed answers to commonly asked questions.

Dr. Byrd’s Approach

Dr. Byrd has performed many secondary breast augmentation procedures to correct complications from an earlier surgery. He has seen the evidence firsthand of how a personalized plan can benefit patients. A surgeon must account for the unique characteristics of each case, such as nipple position and size limitations.

For his Dallas/Fort Worth breast augmentation patients, Dr. Byrd uses 3 basic surgical approaches:

  • Transaxillary endoscopic (armpit)
  • Periareolar (around the outer border of the areola)
  • Inframammary fold (the crease beneath the breast where the breast meets the chest)

Learn more about breast augmentation techniques.

Dr. Byrd educates and guides his patients through the surgery process. He encourages his patients to do their research, think critically about their goals, and know the outcome they want (scars, shape, size, and so on). That way, he can select the best implant and technique for each patient.

Read About Dr. Byrd’s
Favorite Implants

Have you heard of the Sientra® HSC and HSC+ breast implants? They are the latest in high-strength silicone breast implants, and they come with a lot of benefits. Read why they are so popular among Dr. Byrd’s patients in this blog post.

Are You a Candidate?

Whether you want to enhance the breasts nature gave you, complement a breast lift, or address the effects of pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss, breast augmentation can help.

Good candidates for breast augmentation can say that they:

  • Have a clear understanding of the procedure
  • Clearly know the look they want to achieve
  • Are in good health
  • Expect improvement, not perfection
  • Made this decision alone, not for or because of others

How Breast Enlargement Is Performed

Recovery: What to Expect

Days 1–5
  • Limit activity that strains or pulls on the pectoral muscles.
  • Showers allowed after the first 48 hours.
  • Take pain medications as directed.
  • Take antibiotics for the first 5 days as directed.
Days 5–7
  • Sutures removed.
  • Scar management instructions confirmed.
  • Bra use and exercises reviewed.
Week 3
  • Routine checkup.
  • Ultrasound performed if firmness exists.
Month 3
  • Routine checkup.
  • Routine checkup.

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