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Our faces can tell a million stories without saying a word. What message does yours send? At our Dallas plastic surgery center, hundreds of patients each year turn to Dr. Steve Byrd to help them put their best faces forward. Dr. Byrd takes a special interest in facial reconstruction and rejuvenation, and his intensive understanding of the structures of the face, including the nose and ears, has made him a trusted authority in the field.

Dr. Byrd is looking forward to helping you reveal the best version of yourself. Call his office at (214) 821-9662 today, or save $100 on your consultation.

Dr. Byrd’s Approach

Dr. Byrd’s diverse pool of facial cosmetic and plastic surgery patients in Dallas has provided him with invaluable practical experience for vibrant, beautiful results. Explore your options for facial improvement with Dr. Byrd:

Chin augmentation: Chin augmentation creates beautiful facial harmony with the surgical insertion of a firm silicone implant. The procedure may be performed on its own or as an addition to facelift surgery or rhinoplasty for a comprehensive lifted and sculpted result.

Cleft lip and cleft palate: Dr. Byrd is a proud member of the American Cleft Palate Association, and he finds tremendous satisfaction in the life-changing effects that can be accomplished by cleft lip or palate repair.

Ear surgery: Dr. Byrd offers otoplasty, or “ear pinning” surgery, to correct prominent ears in patients ages 5 and up.

Non-surgical EarWell™ infant ear correction: For newborn infants, he uses the non-surgical EarWell device for reshaping prominent or irregular ears. He helped create this innovative and simple system and is a leader in its use.

Endoscopic brow lift/midface lift: Dr. Byrd created the endoscopic brow/midface lift, or EBML, as a less-invasive alternative to a full facelift. This satisfying procedure creates discreet scars and long-lasting results.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): Sagging eyelids, fine lines, unwanted fat deposits, and chronic under-eye bags can all be remedied by upper or lower blepharoplasty. The result is a more youthful, alert appearance.

Facelift: This option has long been considered the “gold standard” for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Byrd is careful to adjust facial skin and tissues for a subtle, lifted look that’s never “windswept” or overdone.

Rhinoplasty: With more than 4,000 nose procedures completed, Dr. Byrd is trusted by Dallas rhinoplasty patients for ideal results. Whether it’s to enhance the form and contour of the nose or to improve respiratory function, Dr. Byrd is committed to exceeding patient expectations.

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