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Few things in life can compare to the joy of becoming a parent. But parents of a baby with cleft lip or cleft palate will likely also experience worry about their child’s wellbeing. Dr. Steve Byrd, an internationally recognized authority on cleft lip and cleft palate in Dallas, wants you to know that successful treatment and a fulfilling life is possible. He possesses the compassion and expertise to thoroughly answer your questions, help alleviate your concerns and provide the right solutions. A member of the American Cleft Palate Association, he has lectured about the subject nationally and internationally and has written extensively on the topic, including an article published in The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal.

If you wish to talk with Dr. Byrd about cleft lip/cleft palate treatment in Dallas, request a consultation online.

What Is Cleft Lip/Palate?

Cleft lip/palate is one of the most common birth defects. It occurs when the lip and roof of the mouth fails to fuse together during prenatal development. The abnormality can affect a person emotionally, physically and developmentally, impairing the abilities to breathe, eat, hear and speak.

Cleft lip may:

  • Appear as a partial cleft
  • Continue up to the nose
  • Affect both sides of the lip

Cleft palate may:

  • Appear on one or both sides of the palate
  • Exist as a small opening at the back of the mouth or extend the length of the mouth
  • Affect only the roof of the mouth or occur in conjunction with a cleft lip

Why Choose Dr Byrd

  • He has written multiple medical publications on the repair of cleft lip, cleft palate, and cleft nasal deformities.
  • His chapters are in numerous pediatric texts.
  • He is an honored international lecturer on the subject.
  • He has served as the director of the cleft lip and cleft palate team at Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas for more than 25 years.
Before & After Photos

See real results of actual patients treated by Dr. Byrd.

Dr. Byrd’s Approach

When developing a treatment plan for cleft lip and cleft palate repair in Dallas, Dr. Byrd coordinates with a team of doctors and specialists to develop a course of treatment. The extent of the condition is assessed and a plan developed to address all aspects of care. Patients are then connected with the right specialists to continue post-operative treatment or therapy.

Cleft Lip/Palate Treatment: Infancy to Adulthood

Early treatment is important. Treatment of the soft palate and lip is typically performed at about 12 weeks of age, allowing adequate development and more favorable speech results. Hard palate repair occurs around 18 months, after the upper jaw and teeth have had time to develop.

Treatments such as oral and nasal surgery, correction of the inner ear, repositioning of teeth and speech therapy may be required throughout childhood and up into the teens or early adulthood. Dr. Byrd has written and lectured about correcting cleft lip and palate and is highly qualified in treating both children and adults.

Learn more at Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery for Infants and Children, where Dr. Byrd is a member surgeon.

How the Procedure Is Performed

Recovery: What to Expect

Day 1
  • Child and parent(s)/guardian(s) spend the first night at the hospital/surgery center
  • IV fluids administered until child begins drinking successfully
  • Discharged once child begins drinking enough fluids
Day 1–10
  • Sutures removed.
  • No nipple or bottle feeding
  • Feed child with syringe and flexible rubber tube
  • Clear liquids and diluted cereals/baby foods only
  • Child wears arm restraints
  • Child sleeps on side
  • Keep stitches clean
  • Sutures removed at about 1 week
Week 3
  • Routine checkup.
Month 3
  • Routine checkup.
  • Routine checkup.

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