EarWell Ear Correction Can Improve Your Child’s Life Forever

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Having a child is truly a magical experience and it comes with looking after a newborn baby who is so new to this world. Unfortunately, some babies are born with abnormalities that could affect their way of life as they grow older. The good news is, many of these abnormalities can be remedied with the right help. One common problem that some babies have are ear deformities.

There are a great deal of newborn babies that are born with ear deformities. Studies show that 15%-20% of babies are born with an ear deformity. Thirty percent of children are expected to self-correct these problems, but there is no scientific way to know which ones will improve and which ones won’t. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this cosmetic problem and help your child live a happier and more secure life.

Many parents let their children undergo otoplasty, corrective ear surgery, when they’re a bit older and capable of undergoing a surgical procedure. For some children this may be when they are around five or six years old.

Now, there is another option called EarWell, which is an outstanding ear deformity correction system that can be completed in one visit to a plastic surgeon. Best of all, its non-invasive.

What is EarWell?

EarWell is a mold or cast that reshapes your baby’s ears, and you can slip it over his/her ears. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment procedure. It has been proven to correct 93% of ear problems in a matter of two to three weeks if it has been used shortly after giving birth.

It is recommended to opt for this treatment right away because that is when the ears are the softest and the most malleable. The EarWell system aides in creating a more natural shape and it brings balance and proportion to your baby’s ears and face.

When you correct your child’s ear deformities, it can have a profound effect on his or her self-esteem as well as appearance they grow older.

The procedure is completed in minutes in the physician’s office. After about four to six weeks, the ears will be shaped normally. EarWell is a long term solution as it allows for a pain-free correction for your baby’s ear deformity.

When is it an Ideal Time to Consider an EarWell Solution?

It is essential for you to consult with a plastic surgeon soon after your baby is born and you have detected an abnormality. The window for the EarWell treatment to successfully work passes after about two months after birth. Your only option, if you miss the window, is ear surgery when your child is older.

Is There Room for Self-correction?

There are some ears that do improve over time, but many others require surgery around the age of five. EarWell changes the playing field for anyone who is not willing to risk their baby’s health and makes it easy to correct ear deformities and provide for your child’s physical and emotional well-being as he/she gets older and starts going to school.

The EarWell Infant Ear Correction System has been clinically-tested and reaps successful benefits. The doctor uses ear modeling putty to hold the ear firmly in its proper new shape. The incredible design of the EarWell device keeps the ear snugly positioned while the reshaping takes place. Over the course of a few weeks, the device remains intact and the shape of your baby’s ear is gently remodeled and the ear is fully corrected. Hence, EarWell ear correction can change your child’s life forever.

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