Which Implant Is Right for You?

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Breast augmentation is among the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. Women choose to augment their breasts either because they’re unhappy with the small size of their breasts or because they find that their breasts are asymmetrical.

Breast augmentation is not to be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider. The size of the implants, the placement of the incisions and the implants, the type of implant used, and last but not the least, the surgeon performing the procedure.

Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants come in two main types– Silicone Implants and Saline Implants. There are subtle differences between the two types of implants. The shape and texture of silicone implants can be altered to provide a more natural feel. Saline implants feel firmer, but are the best choice for you if you want sizable breasts.

Additionally, silicone implants come pre-filled and cannot be adjusted to suit breast volume during surgery, but saline implants can. Silicone implants are also more expensive than saline implants.

Saline implants, on the other hand, can cause “rippling” on a woman’s breasts. Silicone implants do no such thing.

Silicone implants are filled with a thick gel that helps them feel more like a natural breast structure. Saline implants are made of salt water enclosed in a thick silicone cup.

Shape of Implants

Breast implants can either be round or shaped to fit one’s specific needs. Teardrop implants have been growing in popularity, but round shaped implants still continue to be the most common choice.

The shape of breast implant you choose depends on how you want your breasts to look. You can either have them look firm and round, or you can have them look more natural with less volume at the top than the bottom.

How To Determine Which Implant To Choose

The best way to determine which breast implant is right for you is to have yourself a consultation with a surgeon who has experience performing the breast augmentation surgery. They will patiently listen to your aesthetic goals, examine your body, and create a customized treatment which includes selecting the ideal breast implant most suited to your needs.

Your age, lifestyle, body type, desired size and skin/tissue/fat content of your breasts are all factors that should be considered by your surgeon. The best approach is to come in with an open mind and talk to a trusted surgeon about your needs and expectations.

Your doctor will only recommend the breast implant that he thinks will fit well with your anatomy. Sometimes this may not correspond to what you’d imagined, but that’s alright. Once the surgery has been performed, you will notice the difference in the look of your body.

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A breast augmentation surgery can also be performed in conjunction with a breast lift. A breast lift will provide your breasts with additional volume after they have been repositioned.

While the type of breast implant you choose is sure to make a difference to your breast augmentation surgery, you should not compromise on the experience and skill set of the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. Even the easiest surgeries can go wrong at the hands of an inexperienced doctor.

To ensure the best quality of care and service, contact Dr. Steve Byrd, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon today!

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