Curing That Tired Look Around Your Eyes

Published on November 18, 2014 by

Is there a magical cure for the tired look around my eyes?

For the majority of patients, the answer is “YES”!! And I am pleased to be able to tell you that your anti-aging genie/consultant knows just what to do! Gravity and sun damage are not our only enemies of youth—VOLUME LOSS is a BIG ENEMY of youthful facial contours. There is a surgical solution to the tired look that results from volume loss-the minimally invasive Endoscopic Brow Midface Lift (EBMF)-but for some patients there are non-surgical options. Injectable fillers can substitute some of the fat loss in such a natural way that no one (but you and your genie/consultant) will ever know HOW the youthful volume was restored.

There are five fat pads in the face addressed with injectable fillers to restore youthful contours:

  1. 1) Temporal—just outside the tail of the eyebrow…the area we massage when we have a tension-type headache
  2. 2) Medial malar/tear trough–where tears run down our cheeks
  3. 3) Lateral malar—where we used to have, perhaps, lovely cheek fullness to help make blush highlights
  4. 4) Nasolabial folds—begin at the base of the nose and compose part of the crease when we smile
  5. 5) Prejowl depressions—sit just inside the jowls and just outside the chin

The tired look around the eyes can result from volume loss in the malar pads. Malar pads sit just out side the junction of the lower eyelid and cheek and sometimes volumizing that junction is necessary. Product selection (we believe there are 1-2 BEST selections of product) and injection technique matter most in this area, leaving little room for error in product selection or technique.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to select a most wonderful and capable genie/consultant to achieve a rejuvenated look without looking different.

Dr. Byrd knows that rejuvenation means taking you back in time to a more youthful you, indeed, but someone you recognize (as well as your friends and family).

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