The Magic Ingredients: Tretinoin, Retinol and Retinoic Acids

Published on October 22, 2014 by

Have you ever wondered what the closest thing to magic is for reducing fine lines, skin discoloration and overall making skin look beautiful?

Tretinoin, Retinol and Retinoic Acids, all derived from Vitamin A, are the ‘magic’ ingredients you are looking for—not only do they reverse existing damage to skin, but they are key to maintaining healthy skin. It is never the wrong time to begin adding one of these products into your nighttime beauty routine. Mild retinols are recommended for the more sensitive and reddish skin types. Low to moderate doses of Tretinoins can be used on normal skin types. Early on in the usage of Tretinoins the skin can be red/flaky, and a limited time of skin breakouts maybe noticed however, push on through this negative phase. Within a short period of time (several weeks) you will begin to see a smoother, more radiant, skin with less color variations as the Retin A product will slough away brown spots and other color dyschromias.

Dr. Steve Byrd recommends the use of prescription Tretinoin products. These prescription skin care products require counseling in sun protection. Prescription products are far superior in effectiveness above “over the counter” products found in pharmacies. Because of their potency a person using prescription skin care products must be religious in the use of dermatologist tested and approved sun block.

Retin A products will actually thicken the skin and realign the cellular level in the collagen and elastin layers, these are specific ways they help aging skin.

We recommend products specific to an individual patient’s skin care needs. We work closely with a compounding pharmacy in North Texas who has amazing transdermal base creams to further optimize the bioavailability of the Retin A products. This can be prescribed, if appropriate, following a consultation.

Call for your consultation appointment with Dr. Steve Byrd or Lisa Bowers, RN for further information on how you can improve your skin with one or two of the prescribed skin care products. (469) 608-0888

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