Men and Plastic Surgery – Face and Eyes

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As mentioned in earlier posts, men are having plastic surgery procedures in record numbers in part due to the need to remain competitive with younger workers. While liposuction can help refresh and renew the body, an aging face can unfairly give recruiters, potential employers and co-workers a reason to overlook your qualifications by assuming you’re simply too old to do the job effectively.

The first area of the face to show age is usually around the eyes. Dark circles, and bags under the eyes, as well as heavily hooded upper eyelids, are often genetic “gifts” from our parents. These gifts can add years to the face, making patients look tired, and unfortunately, old. Blepharoplasty is the surgical procedure used to address the creases, bags under the eyes, and heavily hooded upper lids. Occasionally the upper lids can become so heavily hooded that they interfere with vision. The good news about that is that in some of these cases insurance will cover correcting that vision impairment. Working together closely with an experienced Opthamologist, the surgical procedures we do together will correct the cosmetic problems as well as improve the restricted vision.

Every time we animate our face by laughing or smiling we cause creases and furrows to develop. As long as we have reasons to smile, we’ll have causes to form wrinkles. That’s just the price of a life well lived. Many people are content with that and if they are, so am I. However, if a patient is bothered by those creases for whatever reason, Botox is a very safe, effective treatment to stop the muscles from animating which in turn reduces the visible creases, and temporarily stops the development of new lines. There is no one right answer for every single patient, and you have to determine what bothers you and what doesn’t. That’s the only answer that matters.

One of the most important things you’ll do in connection with any cosmetic treatment is to find an experienced, board certified Plastic Surgeon who will listen and then address the things that are important to you. It doesn’t stop there. It’s also critically important that you have a rapport and trust in the entire staff. In my Dallas practice, all of our injectable procedures, Botox, Sculptra, Restylane, etc., are done by my nurse of 20+ years, Lisa. She and I work together in developing a comprehensive program that will strive to achieve whatever your goals are. If you start with Botox and Sculptra injections, and find over time, that they’re not achieving the results you want, then it’s time re-evaluate to determine if you are ready to move to the next step – a surgical procedure.

The Endoscopic Brow Midface lift (EBMF) is often the foundation procedure at this point. It can be combined with the Blepharoplasty and/or a Mini Lower Facelift, but every patient is different, so it’s advisable to keep an open mind. The endoscopic approach requires only a few small incisions behind the hairline, which are used to insert the endoscope and the instruments necessary to rebuild or refresh the facial foundation. Using the endoscopic approach means that there’s less risk of infection, less sutures required, a shorter recovery, and there’s less trauma to the facial tissue. Because there is no ear-to-ear incision over the top of the head as there is in “traditional” facelifts, there’s also less chance of hair loss, which for many men is a very key issue. The EBMF will last for about 10 -15 years in most cases and the result is a more rested, elegant appearance.

There are many options available to men, and fortunately we’re able to choose as much or as little as we want. Whatever anyone of us decides to do, whatever answer we find for ourselves is the right answer and that is progress.

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