Men and Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty & Chin Augmentation

Published on January 29, 2010 by

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most requested procedures, and one of the most complicated surgeries to do. Rhinoplasty, or “nose jobs” can be done for purely aesthetic reasons however, in the case of many males, they may come in for a consultation knowing that their nose has been broken at least once in the past, and that it’s no longer straight or the same size it used to be, but rarely do they realize how much damage has been done internally. Men who are active in sports; baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and/or hockey, are accustomed to playing injured. When they initially injure their nose, the damaged cartilage and the associated tissue swelling restrict breathing. Eventually the swelling goes away and breathing becomes significantly easier, but often the airway is still partially blocked due to the damaged cartilage. Over time these men got used to getting a smaller amount of oxygen than they were intended to get, and they adjusted their expectations lower than they should have.

Many male athletes, both the professional and the weekend varieties, decide to wait until the end of their careers before having anything done to correct their damaged, broken nose. The reasoning is that as long as they’re participating in sports it’s possible that their nose will get broken again, so why waste the time and money to repair it now. They often decide to wait until after ‘retirement’ before fixing the nose. That does make sense if you’re really only dealing with a cosmetic issue. It would be worthwhile though, to check with a plastic surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty to determine if there is internal valve damage, a deviated septum or other injuries that are impinging on the air passageway. If your breathing is being restricted by as little as 10 – 20%, that could make a fairly significant difference in your fitness and performance levels. Fixing internal damage at the end of any athletic career being measured by performance, would be waiting too long to get the full value of the rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty isn’t just about fixing the way a nose looks. It’s often about fixing how well you breathe and how it looks.

While rhinoplasty can be a complicated and demanding surgery, chin augmentation is very different. Using a plastic implant to build up the chin is clearly an aesthetic/cosmetic procedure. You’re not going to breathe, eat, or speak better with a bigger chin, but there are few procedures that have a bigger impact on a patient’s self-image than chin augmentation.

It’s not unusual for male post-op chin augmentation patients to stand a bit taller, and to carry themselves with more confidence. It’s not just about patients seeing themselves differently; it’s also about the people around them perceiving them differently as well. While it’s unfair and untrue, men who have small/receding chins are often seen as weak, lacking self-confidence and leadership abilities. It is still surprising that a few ounces of plastic expertly placed can make an enormous difference in the way a man is perceived by himself and others. Don’t wait! Make an appointment today to determine where and what type of damage you might have taken with you off the court, the field, or the ice. Get it fixed now and breathe easier.

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