Why a Light Touch Is Key for Facial Surgery

Published on July 28, 2014 by

When patients come to my office for facelift consultations, they are often excited when I describe the possibility of using an Endoscopic Brow Midface Lift (EBMF). It’s a unique technique I developed that most plastic surgeons in Dallas don’t offer, and it gives patients the benefits of a full facelift without the visible scarring.

Patients considering cosmetic surgery to refresh their appearance usually don’t want dramatic changes. The goal is to look like themselves, but younger. I developed the EBMF to get those subtle results with less invasive techniques that don’t require the larger incision used in a traditional facelift.

Not surprisingly, patients are extremely satisfied when offered this alternative. It’s also satisfying for me, as I’m able to use the technical skills I’ve developed over my career to minimize the incision size and scar tissue. The procedure involves making several small incisions in the patient’s hairline that are just large enough for me to insert specialized, miniature surgical instruments. The incisions are almost invisible following the surgery.

Instead of simply stretching the skin tight, the endoscopic approach manipulates the underlying muscle and tissues, resulting in a refreshed appearance that can last for years.

The benefits of the endoscopic approach go beyond minimal scarring, although that is significant. Because the procedure is less invasive, the patient’s recovery is more comfortable and shorter. Although this approach isn’t right for everyone, those who are candidates appreciate the simple process and natural-looking results.

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