Susan's Brow Lift & Mini Lift Journal

When Susan started thinking about getting cosmetic surgery about 6 years ago, she began asking co-workers for some recommendations. That’s a pretty common way to find a plastic surgeon in Dallas, or anywhere else, for that matter. Susan did enjoy an advantage, however, because she’s a general surgery nurse whose colleagues have worked with many of the plastic surgeons in the Dallas area.

“Dr. Byrd’s name always came up,” Susan said of her conversations with other nurses. “He has a very good reputation among medical professionals in the area. If you work in the medical field, you kind of hear who’s good and who’s not-so-good.”

‘He Hit it Out of the Ballpark’

Like many men and women in their early to mid-40s, Susan believed her face made her appear older than she felt. She decided to have a mini-facelift and an endoscopic brow lift. Although Dr. Byrd came highly recommended, Susan thought it was important to consult with a couple of other surgeons. Both recommended additional procedures, including eyelid surgery, that she felt weren’t necessary.

During her consultation with Dr. Byrd, who wasn’t aware of her meeting with other surgeons, she asked if he thought eyelid surgery was warranted.

“He said I didn’t need it, that it would premature. Right there I knew he would be my doctor. He hit it out of the ballpark.”

Thorough and Patient

With 25 years of experience as a nurse, Susan approached the consultation from a unique perspective. “I know more than the average patient who comes in for a consultation, so I was able to ask questions other patients might not think of.” She even scheduled a follow-up consultation after thinking of additional questions to ask. Through it all, said Susan, Dr. Byrd patiently answered all the questions.

“He wasn’t hurried or rushed and his staff was incredible.”

The consultation included taking photos of her face and thoroughly explaining the procedures’ benefits and risks. Susan said Dr. Byrd’s extraordinary surgical skills are matched only by his bedside manner.

“He’s very engaged when he talks to you, very comforting. One of the things I love most about him is his bedside manner.”

Years Later, Looking Good

Ultimately, the 6-hour surgery went smoothly. Susan spent the night in a beautiful recovery room with a nurse checking on her throughout the evening. She returned 5 days later so Dr. Byrd could check on her progress. She said Dr. Byrd prepares patients for the recovery process with a medication regimen that begins prior to surgery and helps limit bruising and bleeding.

She told virtually all of her colleagues and friends that she was getting plastic surgery, so they expected the change in her appearance. But 6 years later, now 50, she continues getting compliments.

“People tell me I look great for my age and usually think I’m in my early 40s,” she says. “I would do it again.”

In fact, she returned to Dr. Byrd about the time of her 50th birthday to mark the milestone with a mini-tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast lift, which included replacing her existing breast implants.

And she continues to spread the word about Dr. Byrd. It’s important, she says, to find people who have been treated by a surgeon and not just go by what you read. “People who can speak from experience are the best referrals.”

Susan said she has recommended Dr. Byrd to 3 very good friends for surgery such as breast lift, a nose job and a tummy tuck since her initial surgery with Dr. Byrd. “All 3 are thrilled to the moon.”

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