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Nearly 30 years ago, a near-tragic accident led Diane and her family to Dr. Steve Byrd, already recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in Dallas. The family lived on a ranch and her husband and 4-year-old son were riding on a lawnmower. On an embankment, the mower flipped over and the steering wheel struck the boy, crushing most of the bones in his face.

After their son’s emergency surgery, the family learned about Dr. Byrd. In addition to his reputation for cosmetic surgery, Dr. Byrd is also a renowned pediatric plastic surgeon. They traveled to Dallas several times during the ensuing 10 years as their son needed additional surgery.

“Dr. Byrd was almost like a member of the family for a while,” Diane said. “We cannot say enough about the way he handled the whole situation. He really did a phenomenal job.”

Her son recovered completely. At 31, he is now married and works as a lawyer. “It was a devastating experience at the time,” said Diane, “but it all worked out very well.”

A Personal Connection

Diane and her husband maintained a relationship with Dr. Byrd’s plastic surgery practice, ultimately deciding to each have a facelifts. Over the years, said Diane, they came to know not just Dr. Byrd, but his staff also. Everyone is supportive and reflects Dr. Byrd’s personal attention to detail. “They stay in touch to make sure everything is going well and will give out cell phone numbers in case you have an urgent question after hours.”

Dr. Byrd’s consultation is informative and relaxed, so you never feel rushed, she said. He prepares you for both the surgery and the recovery, although Diane adds that recuperating from a facelift was a bit tougher than expected. “Until you go through something like that, you can’t know what to expect.”

No Regrets

Diane and her husband have absolutely no regrets about having the surgery. They are healthy, active people, she said, and wanted to maintain a youthful look to match their lifestyle. But she adds that they’re not the type of people who talk about personal matters and it’s important to them that Dr. Byrd is discreet. The cosmetic changes are subtle enough and look natural, she said, so they don’t draw unwanted attention. She notes that no one has ever asked if she’s had cosmetic surgery. “Even my good friends, who would so tell me that in a minute.”

She knows others who haven’t been as fortunate with their results. “You can see a person who has had cosmetic surgery with another doctor and they just don’t look the same.”

She then sums up the work of the best plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Byrd, in one sentence: “You really look the same, you just look better.”

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