Travel Program

Many of our current patients travel various distances for plastic surgery in Dallas, and we continue to welcome patients from outside the Metroplex to contact us.

Patients are normally seen for consultations on Tuesdays, but patients who work and who are traveling here, are sometimes inconvenienced with a Tuesday appointment. If at all possible, we try to arrange for Dr. Byrd to have some free time at a time that is convenient for your itinerary.

In working with long-distance patients, we find it to be very helpful to get as much preliminary medical information as possible before your consultation appointment with Dr. Byrd. Using e-mails we can gather much of the basic information and determine a tentative time-table for surgery and recovery.

Dallas is served by Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport and Love Field and there are numerous flight options at both. Our area has many excellent hotels, and we’ll be happy to recommend one that fits your needs while you’re here. We do have an agreement with the Bradford Suites, which isn’t far from our offices. We’ll be happy to provide you their contact information. We also have information on local restaurants, cab companies and limousine services as well.

One helpful bit of information that all the locals know all too well… it always takes longer to get where you’re going in Dallas. “Always allow extra drive time” is a good creed to keep in mind no matter when you travel here. We appreciate the extra effort it takes to travel to come to our office for cosmetic surgery, and our staff will work with you to make your trip as easy and pleasant as possible.

There are many things to do while visiting here, and if you have any extra time while you’re in Dallas for your plastic surgery consultation or procedure, we encourage you to take advantage of some of the attractions and a few of the reasons we choose to live here.

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