Endoscopic Brow Mid Face Lift Eliminates Visible Scars

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More women and men looking for face lift options in Dallas, Texas are choosing Dr. Steve Byrd for his unique Endoscopic Brow Midface Lift, a technique he developed for elegant facelift results with minimal visible scarring.

Dallas, Texas (December 2010) – More patients of Dr. Steve Byrd wanting a face lift in Dallas without any visible scarring are choosing the Endoscopic Brow Midface Lift, or EBMF. Having developed the technique himself, Dr. Byrd created a less invasive alternative to traditional face lift procedures that produce an elegant, rested appearance, minimal incision sites and therefore, minimal scarring.

The patients who come to Dr. Byrd for all kinds of plastic surgery in Dallas. People considering a facelift often have one particular thing in common – they want to look like better versions of themselves. Dr. Byrd’s goal in developing the EBMF was to provide patients with those types of results, but without the huge incision sites in traditional facelift procedures. The endoscopic approach gives surgeons complete control of the facelift procedure, while minimizing incision size, scar tissue, and risk of hair loss. “Providing plastic surgery patients an elegant, rested looking result with minimal surgical risk was the impetus behind the development of the EBMF. I’m very pleased with the results patients are getting, and more importantly to me, patients are extremely happy as well,” says Dr. Byrd.

The Endoscopic Midface Lift procedure begins with several small incisions behind the hairline just large enough for a petite cannula and specialized surgical instruments to navigate in order for the surgeon to view and manipulate the structures underneath the facial skin. Because the hairline is not interrupted, there is minimal risk of hair loss, and the small incisions are virtually invisible even almost immediately after surgery. “The endoscopic approach is much less invasive, which has the additional benefit to the patient – increasing comfort and minimizing recovery time,” notes Dr. Byrd. The procedure does more than just tighten the facial skin, but actually helps restore the original placement of muscles and other foundation building tissues. This work underneath the skin is the critical underpinning which supports the skin creating a natural, elegant look, which will last for many years.

The EBMF is usually done by Dr. Byrd at Dallas Day Surgery Center, which is located on the same floor as the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute – home for Dr. Byrd’s adult cosmetic practice offices. The procedure takes about 3 hours, and the patient will spend the first night at the Cloister, which is also in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute’s location. Dr. Byrd and/or his nurse, Lisa, will visit patients the next morning, before they check out. A full year of follow up visits are included in the original surgery quote estimate received at the consultation appointment and Dr. Byrd takes a keen interest in each patient’s recovery and their experience.

While Dr. Byrd is world renowned for the development of the EBMF procedure, he is also one of the leading rhinoplasty experts in the world. “While many of the cosmetic procedures I perform on the face are done to address an aging appearance, I also assist patients of all ages who are either unhappy with their appearance because of the shape of their nose or they are struggling to breathe due to internal nasal damage,” adds Dr. Byrd. “Men and women considering rhinoplasty in Fort Worth or Dallas have several reasons to choose the procedure. Nose surgery is sometimes used just to enhance the size and shape of a patient’s nose, but when a patient comes in with significant difficulty breathing, there’s nothing much more serious than that,” says Dr. Byrd.

An Endoscopic Brow Midface Lift, available at Dr. Steve Byrd’s practice in Dallas, is ideal for people who would like to refresh or rejuvenate their appearance, but would like to minimize incision size, potential hair loss, and recovery time, especially in comparison with traditional facelift techniques.

When you’re ready to learn more about facial enhancement, request $100 off your consultation and come in to talk with Dr. Byrd in person.

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