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We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” For men and women considering Dallas nose surgery, there’s a lot of truth in this saying. Unlike some surgeries such as breast augmentation where it’s easy to say, “I want to be a C cup,” it can be more difficult to verbalize your expectations with your nose surgery.

Dr. Byrd does have before and after pictures available for patients considering breast augmentation and many other cosmetic procedures, but for rhinoplasties he uses computer imaging equipment to give you a better sense of what your own results may look like after surgery. When a patient comes in for their rhinoplasty consultation in our Dallas, Texas office, they’ll spend a fair amount of time having pictures taken. One set of pictures will include a view from the front and one from the side, and a second set will be taken that is similar but that includes rulers on the side of the face to create a “grid” on the computer monitor. These pictures are uploaded to the computer where our specialized software can show various changes that can be achieved.

Dr. Byrd uses a number of critical ratios discovered to exist in ‘beautiful’ faces, and determines how to meet those ratios as closely as possible. Usually within a week after the consultation, Dr. Byrd e-mails each of his rhinoplasty patients the “ruler pictures” that were taken at the consult. Next to these pictures are duplicate images that have been altered to reflect what the patient will be able to look like after the swelling and bruising have disappeared following their nose job in Dallas.

95+% of the time the altered pictures will match what the patient was hoping to achieve. On those truly rare instances when their expectation doesn’t match the images Dr. Byrd has developed, there are several options.

  • It could be that what the patient would like to achieve simply isn’t medically possible.
  • It’s possible that Dr. Byrd can adjust his surgical plan to achieve the patient’s goal.
  • It could also be that perhaps their goal may be possible, but the chance of long-term damage is too great to risk. In these cases the patient may be faced with adjusting a vision they’ve held for a very long time. That mental adjustment is often very difficult to make.
  • For a very small number of patients the look that they want doesn’t fit their face. Part of this realization comes when Dr. Byrd analyzes the “ruler pictures.” The nose that might look good on a 5’2″, 104 pound woman with fine, delicate features would not look good on a 5’10”, 185 pound woman with strong features.

Determining the optimum result for each patient is a cooperative effort involving both the surgeon and the patient. Each must understand the vision of the other, which requires open dialogue. This cooperative effort is vital to any cosmetic surgery, but perhaps most important in rhinoplasty. This is not a competition where one opinion is right and therefore everything else must be wrong! Any surgeon who makes you feel that way may not have your best interests at heart. You simply must be willing to talk and listen.

After the imaging process has been completed, the final version is inserted into the patient chart and will go to the operating room the day of your Dallas rhinoplasty surgery. What patients must remember is that what comes between the before and after picture is a great deal of recovery time. While the surgery may be completed in just a couple of hours, the body takes time to heal. Dr. Byrd has a very low rate of revision and there is no reason to panic when a week or a month after surgery the face you see in the mirror is not the face you thought you were getting. It may take a full year after surgery before the final outcome is clearly visible. At that time your face and nose will most likely very closely match the vision you and Dr. Byrd reached together over a year prior. It’s just a matter of time and choosing the right surgeon.

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