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With over 2 decades as a rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Steve Byrd has seen a lot of patients. In all those years he has seen a lot of patients who have concerns about their noses and having rhinoplasty surgery. Whatever your concern is, whether it’s as common as bump on the bridge of the nose, or as unique as a tertiary adult nasal/cleft palate repair, (a third surgery on an adult who was born with a congenital cleft nasal/cleft palate deficiency) it’s very likely that Dr. Byrd has not only seen a patient with this condition, he has probably already treated that procedure many times as well. But even having said that, each "nose job" patient in Dallas / Fort Worth has a truly unique story and has a different set of problems to be addressed. There are, however, a few things that concern nearly every patient considering rhinoplasty surgery.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

One of the biggest concerns for nearly all patients considering rhinoplasty in Dallas / Fort Worth is that they are worried the doctor won’t understand what they are unhappy with or exactly what they dislike about their nose. We’re all a bit intimidated when we’re face to face with an unfamiliar doctor especially when discussing surgery. This can be pretty stressful stuff! After all, we’re not talking about scheduling a pedicure. If a nail tech uses the wrong color polish you can easily change the color and quickly and effectively fix that misunderstanding. But if you and the surgeon are saying the same words but meaning entirely different things you could end up with a nose and a look you didn’t want and the surgeon ends up with a dissatisfied and unhappy patient. That’s not good for either the patient or the surgeon.

Patients learn during the consultation with Dr. Byrd that he’s a man with an artistic eye who has both feet firmly planted in the world of medicine. He and his practice nurse, Lisa, will take a verbal history and review your medical history before the very detailed physical exam takes place. What Dr. Byrd and other respected surgeons have determined is that there is no one “perfect nose” that fits everyone’s face. Having an ‘attractive’ face has more to do with relationship in size, placement, and the angles and distances between the features of the face. A complex series of measurements are taken, and noted in the patient’s chart. The patient then has a series of photos taken. Using all of this information, Dr. Byrd will work with these pictures to produce computer-generated images for the patient to review prior to surgery. It’s helpful for the patient to know that they and the surgeon are on exactly the same page. From this imaging of the expected outcome, it’s possible to determine whether the surgeon’s rhinoplasty case plan will achieve the patient’s desired outcome.

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Another concern is post-operative discomfort. When recovering from rhinoplasty, most patients don’t describe rhinoplasty surgery as excruciatingly painful. The most common post-operative complaints are stuffiness and fatigue. Immediately after surgery the nose will have a gauze packing to minimize bleeding and subsequent bruising. That will make it necessary to breathe through the mouth until the packing is removed. That and the post-operative swelling tend to leave patients feeling congested. Patients also describe the post-op feeling as “achy” with a dull headache for a few days. There may also be a little bit of nausea due to the small amount of blood that makes it to the stomach during surgery. Headache, nausea and an achy feeling…sounds very similar to the flu! Just remember, this too shall pass.

Cost of a "Nose Job"

Having plastic surgery of any kind has a cost, and not just a financial cost. It’s a commitment of both time and financial resources. It’s often difficult to find the time in a busy schedule to have elective surgery, and then to find the time to recover from the surgery is another scheduling problem. Our lives, families, careers, and activities don’t stop when we decide to step out of our lives for a while to do something for ourselves. The decision comes down to determining whether having plastic surgery in Dallas to fix a problem you’ve probably lived with for many years is worth the impact having the procedure done will have on your life for about 3 weeks. Rhinoplasty is usually a one-time procedure. There are exceptions, but it’s not like a face lift, which may need to be redone in 15 to 20 years. Rhinoplasty has a lifetime result normally. You’re the only one who can finally determine if that lifetime result is worth the current inconvenience.

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