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Dallas / Fort Worth rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Steve Byrd, discusses his publications on the correction of the crooked nose as it relates to deviation of the nasal septum.

The crooked nose is secondary to deviation of the bony and/or cartilaginous septum. It may be caused by trauma or occur spontaneously. Some have attributed the non traumatic occurrence of septal deviation to dislocation of the septum occurring during birth trauma but not manifesting until growth and development following puberty. Clearly, childhood nasal trauma can lead to the occurrence of septal deviation in adolescence. It may also be caused by asymmetric development of the facial bones and by unilateral partial or complete facial paralysis. Cleft lip and cleft palate will also cause deviation and deformity of the nasal septum (see cleft nasal deformity).

Unfortunately, the recurrence of septal deviation is reported as high as 30% following rhinoplasty (nose job) in Dallas / Fort Worth. I believe this is the result of techniques that rely on septal cartilage scoring as a sole means of straightening the deviation. While scoring appears to correct the deviation at the time of surgery, if the deforming forces are not released, the weakened (scored) cartilage is prone to relapse. I believe the deforming forces must be fully released and the deviated septum strengthened by adding septal cartilage grafts. The recurrence with these techniques is less than 5%. Compared to camouflage techniques using ear or septal cartilage grafts to hide the deviation, I believe both the functional and aesthetic results are superior.

Dr. Byrd’s Research on Crooked Nose Surgery

Dr. Byrd believes that it is important to share his research and experience with particular nose surgery techniques. He has published extensively in some of the most highly-respected journals in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery with the goal of advancing patient safety and enhancing results. Below are citations to a few of his recent publications on this topic.

  • Byrd HS, Salomon J, Flood J: Correction of the crooked nose. Plast Reconstr Surg 1998 102(6):2148)
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  • Byrd HS: Morphologically prone nasal tip. Operative Techniques in Plastic and Reconstr Surgery Nov 2000, Vol 7(4) pp 208, 212.

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