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Dallas rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Steve Byrd dicusses his publications and approach to the low nasal dorsum, also known as saddle nose deformity.

The saddle nose nasal deformity is characterized by a dorsal nasal profile that falls more than 2 to 3 millimeters below the plane between the nasal tip and radix. These deformities may be from prior rhinoplasty (nose job) in Dallas, trauma, infection, cocaine use, or from congenital/developmental failures. Correction may be relatively simple requiring only dorsal augmentation are very difficult requiring replacement of the nasal structure. The key determinate for me is whether or not the nose has lost length and needs to be lengthened as well as augmented (see short nose). In my hands, noses that need lengthening invariably require rib grafts to accomplish all goals whereas noses with adequate length may have simple augmentation to the dorsum.

In many cases a “saddle” deformity is masked somewhat by the loss of nasal tip projection. When the tip is brought to its ideal position, the bridge or dorsum may appear very deficient. Added structure on the bridge of the nose improves the relationship between the base of the nose and the lip.

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