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Dr. Steve Byrd references his publications on the correction of the narrrow midvault in primary and secondary rhinoplasty.

The too narrow nose most often presents as a secondary rhinoplasty deformity (from a prior Dallas rhinoplasty nose surgery) but can be seen primarily as well. It is usually characterized by a collapsed or pinched midvault that manifests an “inverted V” deformity at the junction of the upper lateral cartialges with the nasal bones.

When the midvault is pinched or narrowed, internal valve obstruction is a likely occurrence following rhinoplasty unless spreader grafts are used. Internal valve obstruction is a paradoxical obstruction characterized by a pinching closed of the airway just when a person is trying to breathe deeper, such as when they are performing vigorous exercise. I use different types of spreader grafts and spreader flaps in these situations to enable an improved airway as well as to establish balanced dorsal aesthetic lines.

Dr. Byrd’s Research on Narrow Nose Surgery

Dr. Byrd believes that it is important to share his research and experience with particular techniques for nose surgery in Dallas. He has published extensively in some of the most highly-respected journals in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery with the goal of advancing patient safety and enhancing results. Below are citations to a few of his recent publications on this topic.

  • Byrd HS, Andochick S, Copit S, Walton G: Septal extension grafts: a method of controlling tip projection, rotation, and shape. Plast Reconstr Surg 1997.
  • Byrd HS: Use of Resorbable Spacers for Nasal Spreader Grafts (Discussion). Plast Reconstr Surg 2000 Sept 106(4);929

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