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Dr. Steve Byrd describes how rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of the nasal tip.

An underprojecting nasal tip occurs when the measured tip projection is less than 0.67 X ideal nasal length. As in the over-projecting nasal tip, ideal nasal tip projection is based on a “golden” relation with nasal length which in turn is based on proportions to the chin vertical and mid facial height (see over-projecting tip).

Frequently when I am reviewing a patient’s case before their “nose job” in Dallas – Fort Worth, I notice that an inadequate tip projection is combined with a dorsal hump. The high bridge or dorsum is misleading both aesthetically and structurally. Reduction of the dorsal hump in these instances will result in widened dorsal aesthetic lines, an elongated appearing nose, and a flattened profile. The nasal tip may lose additional projection with the reduction of the dorsum further compromising the outcome. The cause of these catastrophic events often relates to the unrecognized presence of weak lower lateral cartilages. The lower lateral cartilages support the nostrils and nasal tip. When the cartilage is weak and the tip underprojects, it is essential to add structural support to this cartilage complex. My preference is to use cartilage grafts taken from the nasal septum. I fix these grafts using sutures in a manner that allows the lower lateral cartilages to be both stabilized and shaped. When tip projection is restored in this manner, minimal lowering of the apparent hump is required.

Dr. Byrd’s Research on the Under-Projecting Nose

Dr. Byrd believes that it is important to share his research and experience with particular nose surgery techniques. He has published extensively in some of the most highly-respected journals in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery with the goal of advancing patient safety and enhancing results. Below are citations to a few of his recent publications on this topic.

  • Byrd HS, Andochick S, Copit S, Walton G: Septal extension grafts: a method of controlling tip projection, rotation, and shape. Plast Reconstr Surg 1997.
  • Byrd HS, Morphologically prone nasal tip. Operative Techniques in Plastic and Reconstr Surgery Nov 2000, Vol 7(4) pp 208 212.

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