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Dr. Steve Byrd, a rhinoplasty specialist serving Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, relies upon open rhinoplasty for the majority of nose surgeries.

The Procedure

Open rhinoplasty involves an incision across the columella (the strip of skin separating the nostrils) to enable exposure of the nasal tip during a rhinoplasty procedure. In essence, this transcolumellar incision connects the standard intranasal incisions used in closed rhinoplasty and adds about 5 mm (1/4 inch) of additional length to the incision.

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Benefits of Open Rhinoplasty

The big advantage of this approach is the great visibility of the nasal tip. This visibility is important because it allows direct shaping and support of the tip cartilages. The techniques that are employed in tip shaping and support have revolutionized the outcomes that are now possible in both primary rhinoplasty and secondary rhinoplasty. Furthermore, these techniques allow for the preservation of structure to minimize secondary deformity.

Open Rhinoplasty vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

The negatives associated with open rhinoplasty relate primarily to the additional columella incision (scar) and to the fact that there is more swelling and slower healing in the nasal tip. However, if the open approach offers advantages in form, shaping, and stability of outcome, then by all means, the small incision is justified. If an equivalent result can be achieved with a closed rhinoplasty, then it is unnecessary.

The scar has simply not been an objectionable feature for the patients who have visited Dr. Byrd in Dallas for rhinoplasty, or a “nose job.” In his entire experience with open rhinoplasty, Dr. Byrd has only revised one of the columellar incisions that he created. In Dr. Byrd’s opinion, a rhinoplasty surgeon should not be bound by a single approach; instead, the surgeon should be able to provide patients with the full range of techniques that will produce the best possible outcomes.

Next Steps

Nose surgery can have a dramatic positive effect on your overall facial appearance. Save $100 on your consultation with Dr. Byrd when you request an appointment online or call our office at (214) 821-9662. Our compassionate care begins from your first phone call and follows you throughout your post-operative care and beyond.

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