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Secondary rhinoplasty implies a reoperation or redo procedure on the initial nose job. Dallas and Fort Worth men and women seek a revision procedure because of an undesirable outcome from the primary rhinoplasty, and in almost all cases they need special consideration since the underlying supporting cartilage is often weakened, deformed, or malpositioned. Scarring within the nose is also common and may pose limitations on the desired correction.

One of the challenges in secondary rhinoplasty is in finding adequate replacement for the structures that have been weakened or removed. Septal cartilage works great and is always a first choice but is frequently missing in secondary noses owing to its total or partial removal at the initial operation. In these cases Dr. Byrd will frequently use ear cartilage or rib cartilage as a substitute. When structural support is needed, his preference is to use the rib cartilage. When “fill” or camouflage is needed, he will use ear cartilage.

Due to the presence of scar tissue and contraction of lining, it is often impossible to restore the nose to its pre-existing shape. Patients are often frustrated and psychologically affected by the deformity. Agreeing on a reasonable surgical alternative is an essential part of a secondary rhinoplasty. Dr. Byrd finds the secondary/revision surgery process to be one of the most challenging and satisfying procedures he performs.

There are all manner of rhinoplasty cases in Fort Worth and Dallas. Some are very routine, while some are intricately complex. Without using rib and conchal grafts, those cases probably wouldn’t be corrected at all, leaving patients to deal with long-term birth defects or unsatisfactory results from previous surgeries. Finding the natural materials to reconstruct the nose as well as having the techniques and experience makes Dr. Byrd a sought after surgeon and educator. Teaching other young surgeons insures that in the future hopefully no one will have to live with undesirable rhinoplasty results.

Dr. Byrd’s Research on Revision Surgery

Dr. Byrd believes that it is important to share his research and experience with particular nose surgery techniques. He is unique among plastic surgeons in Dallas, having published extensively in some of the most highly-respected journals in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery with the goal of advancing patient safety and enhancing results. Below are citations to a few of his recent publications on this topic.

  • Byrd HS: Secondary Rhinoplasty (Expert Exchange). In: Saleh M. Shenaq (ed), Perspectives in plastic Surgery. New York, Thieme, 2000 Vol 14(1)pp 87-100.

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